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Many of you are already well-known products of the company "JenDental-Ukraine". Many people use it for many years and obtained excellent predictable results. Those who are faced with it for the first time or would like to expand the range of materials used, we would like to provide this directory, in the hope that it will help to effectively and properly pick up materials needed for clinical practice.


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The main tenet of the company is striving to produce and supply high-tech and high-quality products at reasonable prices. Using the production regulations of the British company JEND LLP technology company "JenDental-Ukraine" buys raw materials only from the leading US manufacturers, Germany, Great Britain and Japan. For the production of dental materials used polymer resins and fillers ultrapure (shades of "dentistry" and "Ophthalmology"). On the other hand, the cost of these products, there are no costs for the promotion of the brand in the US and Western Europe. This can significantly reduce the price because the consumer is invited to pay only for the quality and High Purity Materials. This approach is particularly important for those countries where a significant proportion of the population unable to afford the treatment very expensive dental materials. Thanks to this policy of "JenDental-Ukraine", the treatment of high-quality dental materials made available a greater number of people.


Another characteristic feature of the company is the continuous scientific research and innovation. Many appreciated the excellent clinical capabilities shtiftov- «invisible» Jen-EsthePost, flowable composite Jen-LC Flow. Composite material Jen-Radiance has in its palette of four gradations of opacity and 40 different colors and shades.


Such a rich arsenal of materials allows the dentist to implement all possible to date techniques of restoration - from the simplest (one universal shade), to complex multi-layered stratification technique requiring skilled use of materials with different optical properties.


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In the near future the company intends to offer dentists a novelty - a glass fiber, a composite tape preimpregnirovannuyu Jen-Impreglass Tape and versatile laboratory and clinical, Fiber-filled composite material Jen-Radiance LS (Load Support), which has an outstanding bending strength of about 200 MPa. Together with an aesthetic composite Jen-Radiance these materials will allow you to create different orthopedic constructions (inlays, onlays, crowns, bridges), both in the dental laboratory and in the clinic, because no specialized dental equipment required for their production.


Wait for the appearance and other novelties!

Good luck and health to you and your patients!


About Us

Many of you are already well-known products of the company "Jendental-Ukraine". Many people use it for many years and obtained excellent predictable results. More...


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