JenDental Products 1

Jen-Favorite LC

New!Bestseller! Multipurpose modern nano-hybrid composite restoration material of high aesthetics


Bestseller! Anterior/Posterior Universal Fine Microhybride type Light cured composite restorative material

Jen-Radiance Molar

Bestseller! Highly Filled LC Composite for posterior teeth

Jen-Radiance WA

New!Composite Wetting Agent

Jen-Radiance FCP

New!Flowable Composite Paints for color modeling of characteristic features of restored teeth


New! Bestseller! Color light-cured flowable restorative composite with a pearl shine effect

Jen LC-Flow

Flowable Light-Cured Composite for multipurpose use

Jen-Line LCF

Light-Curing Single-Component Liner with fluorides and hydroxyapatite


Universal Light & Chemically Curing Adhesive Cement

Provi-Jen LC

Light-curing temporary filling material
JenDental Products 2


One-component Bioactive Dentin/Enamel Bonding System

Phospho-Jen AS

Improved Etching Gel

JenDental Products 3

J-Esthe Post & J-Esthe Post Kit

Bestseller! Transparent aesthetic posts for reinforcing teeth restoration


Drills for posts placement

J-FiberRope & J-FiberTape

Fiber tape and fiber rope for restoration teeth splinting


Bestseller! Durable and aesthetic fiber bulk for prosthesis adhesive bridges

Jen-ImpreGlass Tape

Fiberglass tape impregnated with light-cured composite
JenDental Products 4


Bifluoride varnish & dentinal tube sealant

Biflu-Jen LC

One-component light curing varnish & dentinal tube sealant


Chemically  Activated Gel for Tooth Remineralization


Improved light-curing composite fissure sealant
JenDental Products 5


Bestseller! Calci-Jen is a radiopaque water based calcium hydroxide paste for pulp capping and temporary intra-canal dressing

Chela-Jen Gel

Сhelating gel for chemical reaming of root canals


Solvent for the root canal desobturation

Alu-Jen Gel

Hemostatic Gel with 25% Aluminum Sulfate


New! Antimicrobic gel for strongly infected root canals


New! Antibacterial gel for treatment of periodontium diseases

Jen-Relief AB

Oral anesthetic gel for topical anestesia for all procedures in dentistry
JenDental Products 6

Ultropaline Dental Porcelain

Bestseller! Ultropaline ceramics is a 100% synthetic dental porcelain

Jen-Radiance LS

New! Reinforced composite material for crowns, bridges, veneers, inlays and fabrication of direct and indirect prostheses