Adhesive Fiberglass Systems

JenDental Products 3

J Esthe Kit 

J-Esthe Post & J-Esthe Post Kit

Transparent aesthetic posts for reinforcing teeth restoration

Restoring and reinforcement of a tooth crown including highly aesthetic restorations. The Jen-Esthe Posts are made of transparent quartz fibers bonded with a high-strength epoxy under pressure...


J EndoDrill 


Drills for posts placement

The cylindrical dissection channel for precise post placement. The J-EndoDrill drill is a miniature drill with passive, non-cutting side surface. The J-EndoDrill drill allows carrying out a cylindrical canal dissection for precise post placement.


J Fiber Tape

J-FiberRope & J-FiberTape

Fiber tape and fiber rope for restoration teeth splinting

Fiber dental materials are specially glass ceramic fibers formed in ropes and tapes that can be attached to tooth tissues with the help of bonding systems used in your daily dental practice.


J Fiber Bulk

Jen-Fiber Bulk

Durable and aesthetic fiber bulk for prosthesis adhesive bridges

The adhesive bridge construction allow to completely eliminate or delay the traditional methods of indirect prosthesis in which there  is a great loss of supporting tissues of the teeth.


J Impreglass

Jen-ImpreGlass Tape

Fiberglass tape impregnated with light-cured composite

Jen-ImpreGlass Tapes are impregnated with a light-curing composite material by manufacturer and are ready to use. Jen-ImpreGlass Tapes can be easily modeled and treated. Dental structures made of  Jen-ImpreGlass Tape do not irritate soft tissues.