Materials For Prosthetic Dentistry

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Ultropaline Dental Porcelain Bestseller!

Ultropaline ceramics is a 100% synthetic dental porcelain

Ultropaline ceramics is a synthetic product. Fine leucite crystals are distributed into the glass matrix more densely and uniformly. This structure makes dental porcelain more durable and thermostable because the leucite crystals act like stoppers of microcracks that spread into the less durable amorphous glass phase.



Jen-Radiance LS New!

Reinforced composite material for crowns, bridges, veneers, inlays and fabrication of direct and indirect prostheses

Jen-Radiance LS contains the special fiberglass microfiller in a particularly strong and low shrink resin matrix. This allows to solve a wide range of problems of orthopedic and therapeutic dentistry.