Materials For Therapeutic Dentist

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 TH Calci Jen

Calci-Jen Bestseller!

Calci-Jen is a radiopaque water based calcium hydroxide paste for pulp capping and temporary intra-canal dressing

35% Calcium Hydroxide Water Based Paste. Designed to protect the pulp and temporary root canal filling. Fine particle distribution of Calci-Jen paste allows it to penetrate easily even into smallest tubulas of root canals.


TH Chela Jen 

Chela-Jen Gel

Сhelating gel for chemical reaming of root canals

Chela-Jen Gel is a viscous water soluble substance designed for the purpose of root canal cleaning, lubricating, debriding during filling process and unsealing previously sealed channels.


TH Jen Desobturat


Solvent for the root canal desobturation

High efficiency unsealing. The presence of the surfactant facilitates the penetration of the solvent into the recesses and cavities. Contains flavoring flavor.


TH Alu Jen

Alu-Jen Gel

Hemostatic Gel with 25% Aluminum Sulfate

Alu-Jen Gel is used to assure sulcular fluid control during luting of indirect bonded restorations. Alu-Jen Gel is compatible with any type of impregnated or plain cord. Free from coloring the area prepared.


TH Jen MetroHeCor


Antimicrobic gel for strongly infected root canals

Jen-MetroHeCor is a unique combination of 3 active ingredients solved (in the most active state) in inert biopolymer matrix. At the temperature of a human body fluidity of the gel sharply increases, allowing active ingredients to get even into the most remote sites of root canals.


TH Jen MetroHeLur 


Antibacterial gel for treatment of periodontium diseases

Jen-MetroHeLur is a unique combination of 3 active ingredients solved (in the most active state) in a biopolymer matrix. A special biopolymer matrix provides the prolonged release of active ingredients into the surrounding soft tissues.


TH Endogil TC


Gel for mechanical treatment of root canals with antimicrobial effect

Endogil-TC is an excellent lubricant that facilitates the passage of tools through the canal which provides high-quality expansion, cleaning, shaping and antiseptic processing of even hard-to reach and branched root canals...


TH Jen Relief

Jen-Relief AB

Oral anesthetic gel for topical anestesia for all procedures in dentistry

Quick and deep anesthesia. Does not damage mucous membrane. Local application. Economical consumption of the material. Easy application in hard-to-access places. Different flavors: cherry, raspberry, strawberry.