Materials For Prosthetic Dentistry

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Ultropaline Dental Porcelain Bestseller!

Ultropaline ceramics is a 100% synthetic dental porcelain

Ultropaline ceramics is a synthetic product. Fine leucite crystals are distributed into the glass matrix more densely and uniformly. This structure makes dental porcelain more durable and thermostable because the leucite crystals act like stoppers of microcracks that spread into the less durable amorphous glass phase.


J Fiber Tape

J-FiberRope & J-FiberTape

Fiber tape and fiber rope for restoration teeth splinting

Fiber dental materials are specially glass ceramic fibers formed in ropes and tapes that can be attached to tooth tissues with the help of bonding systems used in your daily dental practice.


CE Jen DuaCem


Universal Light & Chemically Curing Adhesive Cement

Designed for cementing inlays and onlays as well as for other clinical situations where bonding to the etched enamel and dentin is involved.